Work and Travel

Work and Travel – Your Adventure Abroad

Have you ever dreamt about living abroad, getting immersed in another environment and having a different culture in close contact? Are you prepared to leave your comfort area, challenge yourself and discover a new country? So why wait longer? Why wait more? Our work and travel programmes, which combine pre-arrangeed jobs and independent travel, provide you with a unique framework. Begin your adventure by working in a summer workplace or as a camp counselor taking care of children and adolescents and helping them have the summer of their lives. Then you can travel alone and explore the country at your own pace. Not only is work and travel the perfect option for anyone who wants the correct equilibrium between organized and independent travel programmes. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to travel abroad, because your travel budget can be improved.

Work and Travel

Your Benefits with Work and Travel

Get to know a new culture
Improve your English
Boost your CV with experience abroad
Earn money for your travels
Challenge yourself and develop new skills
Experience an international work environment
Go travel a new country
Make new international friends

Why Go Abroad and Study ?

As you navigate the joys, surprises and challenges of life outside of Your country?, we are your personally friendly leaders. We offer you the tools to make sure you are more than a tourist, a worldwide citizen, with unrivaled support and guidance. You’re not only traveling for the sights, you’re traveling for a change!


We provide scholarships each year of over $12,000 to those who are considered First Time Travelers.

Travel Atlas

An interactive guide to help facilitate your experience. The Atlas will help you meaningfully engage with the rest of the world.

Alumni Programs

Your program doesn’t have to end when you get home. We have full scholarship alumni programs for returned global leaders.

Free Consulting

we are here to support you. We provide high-quality services all around the world with personal assistance

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