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About Go Abroad Worldwide Study

Our goal was always to transform lives by having meaningful trips, a destination and an experience. We agree that travel is the secret to people achieving a wider global outlook and that the world offers greater insights and understanding for all human beings and cultures.

It was started in 2005 as a hobby to help to students to find their ways to success by finding best educational institutions from most developed countries. Lately, that hobby turned into real job proficiency and started to serve as incorporated consultancy company. Since then, we have developed number of international partnership from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and some other countries.

We continue to work diligently today to build new tools and share opportunities for foreign education, and we believe that everyone should find their own way to discover the world. Nevertheless, we are providing university admission, visa assistance, work and travel engagement, summer camp travel services to students.

About us

Qualifications and Certificates

Canada Course Graduate

Australia Course Graduate
USA Course Graduate
International Agent Training Course Graduate
Certified Agent Education UK

What we do:

  • Offering the most comprehensive lineup of exchange programs and services available.

  • Assembling the greatest resources and the most experienced, passionate staff in the field.

  • Working to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities and experiences that inform their perspectives and expand their horizons.

what we do

What we offer:

University/College Admission Services

Visa Support and Assistance For Most Destinations

Work and Travel Arrangement For Students

Summer Camp Arrangements for Students

Member of International Associations